Boom of the Condominiums

I can see more and more condominiums being built in the city now. One of the more famous condominiums is the Plus Condominium. The have billboards, banners and all sorts of advertisements ¬†gimmicks all over the city and one can truly see that their marketing is very good. We’ve heard ( though not confirmed) that every unit sells for 3.5 million Baht and it seems all has been sold off. And to think, the building hasn’t ‘stood’ yet. They’re still doing the foundations and it’s projected to be finished in a year or two.

With the proleferation of new buildings, apartments and condominiums, I’m sure the construction business is doing very well, as well as all the hardware stores selling the bearing lubricators to wooden planks. Anyways, I can’t wait to see the completed Plus Condominium, it really looks so modern and posh from the billboards.

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