Delivering Cupcakes to Samut Sakhon

I have promised a friend of mine to bake cupcakes for her wedding. At first, I thought that the wedding will take place just within the city. But it’s only later that I realized that her wedding is going to be held in Samut Sakhon and that’s about 10 hrs. ¬†land trip from our city!

But nevertheless, I intend to keep my word and tried my best to think of ways on how to transport the cupcakes all the way to Central Thailand. We’ve ruled out bringing the cakes by plane since it might end up getting smashed if they’re checked in and the boxes will be too big as a hand carry luggage. Our best solution is to request our cousin to deliver the cupcakes all the way from our city to Samut Sakhon. Oh, I’m so thankful that he’s so willing to do this.

Now, all I have to do is to start baking the cupcakes on Thursday and then gather all our big boxes to place them. If I could have planned earlier, it would have been easier to order online¬†for the boxes. But it’s too late now and I just have to make most of the boxes that I have.

I hope everything really goes well with my cupckaes and their delivery.

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