Elephants on the Road

My son feeding the elephant near our house

The elephants are back. A few years ago, we couldn’t see these elephants walking on the streets of Hat Yai but now it seems they’re back. Seeing the elephants on the streets actually evokes a mixed emotions for me. I find these elephants so beautiful and I’m glad that my kids have a chance to be near them, touch and feed them. But then, I also pity these gentle giants as they walk on the road ‘begging’ for ‘morsels’ of sugar canes fed by the people (six pieces of small sugar cane sticks are sold for 20 Baht ¬†and these are to be fed to them) when they’re supposed to be freely on their natural surroundings looking for their own food.

I don’t know if it’s just me but whenever I see these elephants and look at their eyes, their eyes really look so sad. I can somehow relate to how those ‘elephant rescuers’ feel and what drives them to volunteer their time to rescue these animals and bring them to their natural habitat.

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