Star Libra

This photo was taken in Penang last year and the ship at our background is the cruise ship Star Libra. It does look like we were getting ready to go aboard the cruise ship, but actually we were there to visit the Logos ship at that time. But when Hubby and I saw the cruise ship we told ourselves that we have to save up money and plan out to celebrate our 15th or 20th wedding anniversary on a cruise. I know that is still a long way to go but with good planning and saving, I’m sure it would be possible. But first we have to decide whether we just want to have a mediterreanean cruise and check forĀ more information on mediterranean cruises or just opt for the ‘Southeast Asia cruise’. The 1st option would be the best but I’m sure it would be quite costly for us too. The second option would be a bit more ‘realistic’ but then, we’re Asians and so there’s nothing much new if we take that cruise.

Anyways, as I’ve said it’s still a long way to go and I’m sure as the years go by, there’ll be more options, promotions and who knows I might win a contest with a cruise as a prize. Wishful thinking? Maybe not, I just won a package holiday to Trang, Thailand so, anything is possible! :)

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