Things To Do For Kids in Hat Yai

We’ve lived here in Hat Yai for several years now and since we have kids, we’re always on the look out for fun things to do with them. Here is my list of entertainment or fun things to do for the kids if you’re in Hat Yai or Songkhla.

1) Visit the Songkhla Zoo. We visit this zoo at least once a year. But even if our kids have been here several times, every visit is a new experience with them. The visit to the zoo has been made more exciting recently with the addition of the water park, elephant ride and horse back riding too.

2) Experience -15 Degrees Celcius temperature at the Hat Yai Ice Dome. This attraction used to around for only a few months each year, but it seems recently it has been operating most of the year. Every year the display also changes so, its a good place to visit each year.

3) Star gazing at the Planetarium – My kids enjoyed this educational trip to the planetarium. They’re open daily  until 8 Pm ( except on Mondays) so, you can have a cleared view of  the stars at night.

 4) Visit the museums and art exhibits- To know more about Southern Thailand culture and art, visit the museums. There’s Southern Thai museum near Koh Yo , another one in Songkhla Center and an art gallery in Hat Yai Park.

5) Boat Ride at Hat Yai Municipal Park. The kids most enjoy these rides as they can feed the HUGE fishes at the lake.

6) Watch 4D movies at Diana. This is the first 3D theater experience in Hat Yai. Though the quality of the movies ( that lasts for approx. 20-30 minutes) are not so good, but the fact that the chair swerves and moves, it’s already a fun experience for the kids. And since you’re already at the 5th floor of Diana, the kids can play in the playpen after the movie.

7) Feed the elephants. If you’re in the right place at the right time, you might see the elephants walking on the road and be able to feed them the sugar canes. We always see these elephants along Thamanoonvitee road at night, when we’re having roti at Foreseen.

8) Picnic at Songkhla (Samila) Beach. It’s possible to have a picnic in Songkhla even if you’re not prepared for it. You can always rent out the mats, buy food from the street vendors and enjoy your picnic!

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