Weekend Shopping

Since we had guest for the past few days, I’ve happily accompanied them for their shopping ‘sprees’. ¬†Two nights ago we went to Khlong Hae floating market, then yesterday to the Plaza then Asian Trade ( Talat Peat Tai) and the Lee Garden’s Area at night. They bought a lot of clothing items for family and friends back home as well as souvenir items too. Our friend was looking for something ‘weird’ to give to her friends as they specifically asked her to do so. So, we were on the lookout of weird souvenir items but we couldn’t find much of these novelties. I don’t know if la flor dominicana cigars could pass as weird but at the end she bought a couple of t-shirts with funny prints. As for me, I was only supposed to just be a ‘guide’ but then ended up buying a 99 baht sandals and a back pack for my daughter. Of course, I’m so happy with the great deals I found.

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