A Day at Samila Beach

Samila beach is the nearest beach in Hat Yai. It’s only 30 minutes away from our house and we try to go on a picnic there at least once a month. It’s really a nice place to relax, see the beach and sit on the sand. We went there last Monday early in the morning. We usually go there in the evening and it’s usually crowded. But last Monday morning, the crowd wasn’t there and the breeze was cooler. But as the morning wore on, it became hotter and so there’s no need for people to get spray tan supplies . But we really loved it ┬áthere and we thought that we could go there in the mornings instead.

Here are a few photos that I took.

The famous Mermaid, Songkhla’s Landmark

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Samila Beach Songkhla in the morning

One Lonely Man

Colorful Kites

Mermaid replicas for Souvenirs

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