The Monkey Park in Songkhla

After our picnic at Samila beach one Monday morning, we headed to the Monkey park. It’s been a long time we haven’t visited this park and we thought it would be a great treat for the kids to get to feed the monkeys. But when we went there, there were not a lot of monkeys as before and we did notice that the monkeys seem very wild now. It seems they’ve become so spoiled and overfed (as their sizes reveal) and not as friendly as before. So, we just gave them a few bananas and immediately left as we were scared that they might attack our kids. It’s sad of what has become of the monkeys at the monkey park.. they’re acting wild and very ‘monkeyish’..;)

The grumpy one

The place looks quite messy with all the rotten fruit everywhere.. monkeys please clean up! :)

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