What’s the Craic: Club 18-30 Holidays in Malia 2013

Whether this is due to be your first Club 18-30 adventure – we say adventure in the looser sense of the word, rather than Indiana Jones doom temples and what not – or you’re a dedicated fan of a pure period of partying abroad, holidays in Malia 2013 are on track to be the only destination worth travelling to next year.

Club 18-30 getaways are very much about the nightlife, and holidays in Malia 2013 will not disappoint. Known for its impressive RnB efforts, there are a huge number of bars and clubs waiting to blast out the very best from the decks.

Be sure you get to the main Strip before 23:00hrs, clubs from then onwards are packed out. From the outdoor laser club, Bananas, to the deliciously designed glass-roofed club, Malibu, there are plenty of places to party rock from dusk ‘til dawn.

When RnB isn’t your thing, it’s a sure fire bet that holidays in Malia 2013 will convert you.  But, if you know your trace from your electro dance, prefer cheesy hits or indie bands, Malia has not forgotten to supply you with alternative DJ joints.

There’s only one place to be seen during waking hours; The Pleasure Beach bar, near to Electro on Beach Street, has everything you could possibly want in one place. From Jacuzzis and a swimming to pool to gym equipment and a games room, chill out, drink, have lunch and lie about in the sun.

Speaking of which, temperatures to the north of Crete can reach really high temps during summer. Averages are well over 30 degrees C, but don’t be surprised if they hit anything up to 40. No mammal looks good as a lobster, so pack some protection against those radiant rays.

Club 18-30 holidays in Malia 2013 are booking up fast – get your mates on board and bag an early bird rate on the best summer of your lives.

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