Central Airport Plaza, Chiang Mai

As a person who loves mall, I always make sure to visit a mall whenever we’re in a new place. Never mind if we’re in a rural province at the end of the country, but I just have to go and see their mall or ‘biggest supermarket’. Going there makes me see the ‘normal’ items (not the souvenir and touristy stuff) that the locals buy. And of course, I get to shop for their local food items too!

So, when we went to Chiang Mai we visited the Central Airport Plaza. It’s the latest mall in Chiang Mai ( but Central Festival Mall is due to open in 2013) and I like the feel of it. It’s very spacious with bright lighting and a variety of shops and products. The cinema looks huge too, but sadly there weren’t any english cartoons for our kids to watch. so, we just settled to eat at Pizza Hut and walk around. Honestly, I like the Central Airport Plaza better than the other Central ( the one at the Old city). I could hang out in the coffee shops and walk around the mall for hours if we have all the time in the world. But sadly, that wasn’t the case and we were in a hurry to go back to our hotel.

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