Missing the Sunday Market

We were supposed to go to the Walking Street today for the Sunday Market but we missed it.  We just stayed in the hotel after our malling in the afternoon and somehow got lazy to go out in the evening. And since the Sunday Market is obviously only on Sundays, then we won’t have another chance to go there anymore since we’ll be leaving on Tuesday. I think it’s okay that we missed going there. I don’t really have anything special to buy from there and since we already finished our ‘shopping money’ from the night market last night. Oh, the Chiang Mai night bazaar was huge, they sell almost everything from souvenirs to curtains . It’s too bad we’re not here to shop, we could have bought a lot of other things. But I’m already so happy with the opportunity for us to visit Chiang Mai as a family. It’s truly a blessing  from God! I’m constantly amazed by how everything has been arranged for us to come.

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