A Visit from Fairy Hobmother

Fairy Hobmother has visited me in this travel blog! Of course, I’m so happy since I know that the Fairy Hobmother spreads joy and happiness wherever he goes by leaving gifts to those bloggers he visits. I’ve actually been stalking Fairy Hobmother for quite some time now. I’ve left comment after comment wherever he goes and even followed him in Twitter. And finally my stalking paid off since he has noticed me and paid my blogs a visit too. Thank you so much, Fairy Hobmother!! Now, I’m thinking what I can do with the gift he gave me. I can  use this  for the Bosch Washing Machine from Appliances Online, or maybe use this for something else. Hmmm….

If you want to be visited by Fairy Hobmother, why don’t you let him know by leaving a comment below or follow him through Twitter.

7 thoughts on “A Visit from Fairy Hobmother

  1. Oh Fairy Hobmother glad to find you back spreading goodness here in the blogosphere:) I hope you’ll finally notice my presence and that I’m stalking you everywhere you go:) Please visit me at http://www.fashionexplorer.net. I assure you you’ll feel welcome in there:)

  2. I really need a new washing machine and I hope the fairy hobmother will give it to me soon :)

    See you fairy hobmother in my blogs below

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    Diaper Days
    Shy´s Mode
    My Picnic Basket

  3. This fairy is not only a traveler but he is also generous as he spreads his magic du$t$ that gives joy and happiness to all bloggers! Wow! How I wish he would also come to visit my humble abode too :)

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