Chiang Mai City Museum

During our Chiang Mai trip. We only planned to go to one of the museums.And since the Culture and Arts Center was in the Old City walls, we chose opted to go there on the 2nd day ( Saturday) of our stay. On Sunday, we were supposed to go to the Sunday market, but canceled it due to the fact that we’ve already used up our shopping money at the night bazaar. So, it was no use going there if we don’t buy anything. So instead, we just had lunch at Tesco and went to the Chiang Mai City Museum. This museum was actually located a bit distant from the city center ( on the way to the zoo).

When we went there, we immediately noticed that it looked a bit old and unkept. But anyway, we still entered the building and inquired of the entrance fee. We were surprised that they were charging us 200 Baht per person for the entrance fee.  Hubby was speaking to them in Thai all the while and told them that he has visa and work permit. We’ve been paying the local Thai price in many tourist places for awhile now. But we were surprised that they still insisted for us to pay the foreigner price. When Hubby inquired further, we later found out that only the ground floor display was available for viewing since the other floors are undergoing renovations. That’s when we shook our heads and turned to leave. It’s truly not worth paying 200 baht per person for an old museum with offering only the ground floor for viewing.

It’s a good thing that there’s a free fine arts students’ exhibition beside the main building, so our trip going there was still wasn’t a waste.

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