Korean Drama Series and Web Series

There has been a time when I was an avid follower of many Korean Drama series. I don’t know if it’s just me but these Korean series have a certain ‘magnetic force’ that draws audiences all over the world. I think it’s the interplay of the storyline and the acting skills of the actors. Their actors and actresses are not even very attractive sometimes but then at the middle of the movie, you won’t even notice that anymore or even you’d start admiring them by then.

Do I sound like a Korean fanatic already? LOL! Maybe I got it from my Mom who’s a certified Korean fan. :) Anyways, it’s been awhile since I watched my last korean drama. And I don’t dare start to watch a new one because I’ll surely end up sleeping late at night with the intent of watching all the episodes at once. I usually watch the series in the net since we don’t have access to Korean dramas in our TV.

And speaking of  series,  I also found a site where you can watch the best web series. I’m actually quite curious about this site since the series shown here are exclusively for the web and can’t be found in regular TV channels.  And there are series with various categories like video game, comedy, animated,cartoon & comics, woodworking, drama, how-tos & DIY, music, health & fitness, educational, celebrity entertainment, food & drink, parenting & family, news & politics, sports & cars, talk & interview, technology, and fashion & beauty webisodes. It’s quite interesting huh? I will have to check on this site more thouroughly and maybe I might find some webisodes for photography. I’m kinda hooked on photography these days.  Even if I’m tempted to check for Korean dramas, but I won’t do that just yet.

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