A Short Visit to Penang Museum and Art Gallery

We visit Penang at least once a year for our Thai visa renewal. But whenever we’re there, we stay for only 2 days and rarely have time to go around. But last week, we had a couple of hours free before collecting our visa at 2pm at the Thai consulate, so Hubby decided to visit the museum for awhile.

I was ecstatic since I’ve always wanted to visit the museum and even walk through the heritage trail. The Penang Museum and art gallery is housed in a colonial-era building built from 1896-1908. This used to be Penang Free School at that era. It’s a lovely building with beautiful displays and historical artifacts. The first part of the building gives a brief introduction on the founding of Penang and the different communities that settled on the island. It’s really quite interesting to know that Penang has a rich mixture of different cultural influences.

Then a tour to the rest of the building introduces the different points of history, its points of interest from Kopitiam to Nasi Kandar and then the different communities living in the island.

Even if we really didn’t linger around much to read everything written on the artifacts ( as we were pressed for time), it was a rich, educational experience for me and the kids. I will surely go back there next time and hopefully we could walk through the heritage trail. I would love to learn more about Penang.

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