Cheaper Medicine in Thailand

We’re going back to the Philippines at the end of the year. And as always, we will be bringing souvenirs for our friends and family. Most of the time, our family back home will have a list of things for us to bring back home. This time, it’s a list of medicine and vitamins. We’ve been really amazed at the major difference in medicine prices between here and the Philippines. Just take for example my sister’s thyroid medicine, it cost her around 18 Pesos per tablet in the Philippines and she has to take this everyday all through her life. And guess how much a tablet costs here in Thailand? It’s only 1 Baht or 1 Peso and 40 cents. That’s a BIG difference huh?

Now, I have another list of medicine for my BIL which I have to check whether they’re still cheaper here or not. I wonder   if it’s the same with medical equipment  , I have to check that out too.

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