Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium

The Chiang Mai City zoo is a must place to visit if you’re visiting Chiang Mai with kids. Well, who ever gets tired of seeing different animals? Our kids don’t.  I can’t count how many times we’ve been to Songkhla zoo and Taiping zoo.

I think our trip to the Chiang Mai zoo has been one of the highlights of our trip there. I mean, as a mom, my kids’ trip highlights become mine too! We went there on a Monday  even if we were already in Chiang Mai earlier in the weekend, so we could avoid the weekend crowd. Since hubby has a Thai workpermit and visa, we were able to pay for the local price. That’s really great savings for us! And since we saved up for our entrance fee, we didn’t have any second thoughts of going inside the Panda house ( in which we paid the local price too). One thing that the visitor must be prepared for is the different fees to be incurred to see the other attractions and services. There’s a fee to ride the monorail and the tram. Then there’s there’s the Ice Dome, Aquarium, Koalas, Zipline, Elephant trek and etc. As for our family, we only went to the Panda house, went for the Elephant trekking and then paid for the monorail and tram since we realized that it’s a very big zoo and wouldn’t have the energy to walk around it even if we spend the whole day there.

The monorail ride. It gives you a different view of the zoo once you’re in it.

view of the Aquarium from the restaurant

We went there on a rainy day and thankfully, we were at the Kids’ Zone during the heavy rain.  The kids enjoyed the coloring activities and bird feeding the sheltered area. From there we rode the tram and discovered the Elephant trekking for only 70 baht for the adults and 50 Baht for the kids. Oh, these elephant rides cost 500 baht here in Hat Yai. 

One unforgettable elephant ride

“so soft!”.. bird feeding and petting at the kids’ zone

spent more than half an hour here inside because the rain was so heavy

The zoo also has a 7-11 shop inside plus a few souvenir shops. Their souvenir items are quite cheap too. This is the first souvenir shop that I ever saw that sells 5 baht keychains and bracelets. Amazing!

All in all. We had a beautiful experience in Chiang Mai Zoo. It’s one place that I highly recommend for families with kids. Just make sure that you’re all geared up for half a day or a whole day of walking. So, bring a lot of water and comfortable shoes.

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