Free Hotel Stay

Though I never got the chance to claim for my Free Hotel voucher in Thailand, but our family still got a free hotel stay in Penang. Thanks to our friend who gave us a treat and asked us to stay at Hydro hotel at his expense. Oh, it was like winning a contest and indeed I got excited.

After finding out the name of the Hotel where we were supposed to stay, I immediately checked on the reviews of the hotel. Though many reviews were positive but still there were negative reviews about it. But this has helped me on what to expect of Hydro. Reading reviews are really helpful, may it be about cigar reviews or food supplement reviews.

As of my own personal review, the hotel is nice with spacious rooms, but it did seem a little bit rundown. I think there are better hotels with its current price. But we stayed for free and I couldn’t complain. But on the other hand, our kids really enjoyed the pool and I loved the buffet breakfast. Overall, we had a very pleasant stay there, though a lot of things can be done to improve the hotel.

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