Mini Shopping At Gurney Plaza

We really didn’t have any plans to do any shopping here in Penang, but since someone gave a gift for our kids, we thought of buying a few things for them. I liked Gurney Plaza it’s a mall that’s not so big but you can still find everything there, from TAG Heuer watches to Burger King. And so we thought of going there. Since there was an MPH bookstore, then that was our first stop. We asked the kids to choose a book for themselves. Of course, my daughter had a difficult time choosing her book since it seemed like she wanted to buy every single book! My 5 year old son on the other hand was more interested with the action man books and so we thought of buying a toy for him instead.

And so Toys r us was our next stop where he got a Captain America toy. Oh, I didn’t know that toys can just be so expensive instead. And lastly, we bought a few shirts for the kids at The Reject Shop and FOS. Oh, there were so many nice shirts there and we were surprised that we could buy shirts for 10-15 Malaysian Ringgit.

So that’s how our mini shopping went at Gurney Plaza. We could have shopped more but since our budget is limited, we’ll just have to shop a little bit more next time.

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