One Lovely Afternoon at Chiang Mai City Park

If you want to truly have a time of relaxation in Chiang Mai, I suggest that you visit the Chiang Mai City Park or Suan Buak Haad. This lovely park is just situated within the old walls and it’s very accessible. Our family went there during our Chiang Mai holiday and we really enjoyed our time there. If it didn’t rain that day, we could have brought our mats and have had a picnic. But since it rained earlier that afternoon, we thought we could just drop by and see the place. We had coffee inside the cute coffee shop overlooking the lake, then the kids played in the play ground for awhile and we also fed the birds. Feeding the birds was such fun and it was almost dark when we decided to go home. Maybe if ┬álive in Chiang Mai, I could already see ourselves hanging out in that park every weekends. It’s just lovely!

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