The Coronation Pool Taiping

With only 2 Malaysian Ringgit, one can swim at the fresh water pool at Coronation Pool in Taiping. It’s a public pool so, one can’t really expect 5 star facilities and service. As for me, it’s a place that’s good enough for kids to swim and have fun. I would just have to close my eyes and not try to think so hard whether they clean the pool regularly or not. It’s better not to know these details. J

But I think it’s better to go there during the off season. We went there on a holiday and so, the pool was crowded. Maybe, we can bring our kids to swim there next time. But if we will also try to do a little bit of research because there might be other good swimming pools in the area.

One thought on “The Coronation Pool Taiping

  1. you can try in the early morning (630am-8am) that’s the less people period :) you wont be able find others swimming pool with natural water flow from the maxwell hill. (burmese pool and austin pool are not the pool built but naturally appear)

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