The Ship, Penang

Our family in Penang has taken us to this lovely restaurant called the Ship. From the moment I saw the anchor and a portion of the ship jutting out from the building, I already knew that we will have a unique dining experience. True enough, the waiter and the waitresses who welcomed us in were wearing a ship captain’s uniform and the interior was like a ship’s interior. I was almost seasick when I saw the ship’s interior. Just kidding!

Anyways, only then I found out that there are other ‘SHIP’ branches all over Malaysia. The one in Batu Feringgi seems the most interesting since the restaurant is literally inside a ship ( hmm.. maybe we should see that on our next trip). As for the restaurant that we were in, it was unique one though a few of the decorations or motiffs tended to be a bit overcrowding. As for the food, it was great! I had a beef stroganoff while Hubby ordered the Turkey ham with pineapple. Sis in law and brother in law had chicken chops and pasta. ┬áThe food was good but as for the price, it’s a bit too pricey for me. But all in all, we had wonderful dinner as it was spent with family.

Turkey Ham with pineapple

Beef stroganoff with mushrooms ..yum!

cappuccino. .. the coffee was good, but I wasn’t fond of the whipped cream on my coffee

My hand was itching to rearrange this area.. it was a bit messy for me..

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