To The Border We Go

Our 3 month visa is expiring on the 6th. It’s about time to go to the border again for a ‘border run’. A border run is actually a border trip in which you make a U turn on both countries to have a fresh chop on your visa. For our case, we have 1 year Thailand visa, but then the immigration only chops a maximum of 3 months stay in the country. That’s why we have to leave the country every 3 months, enter Malaysia and then back to Thailand again with another 3 month chop.

It’s quite a hassle to do this every 3 months, but I take it as a short ‘trip abroad’. It’s the opportunity for us to eat authentic ‘Nasi Kandar’ and buy some stuff that we can’t get in Thailand. So, I’ll going ‘abroad’ in awhile and be back in the afternoon.

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