Christmas Programs

Since Thailand only has a few percentage of ┬áChristians in population, you won’t be able to watch a lot of Christmas programs publicly unless you go to a church. Some of the schools do have Christmas presentations but it’s almost centered on Santa Clause and not the real meaning of Christmas. Some of my Christian friends who work in the schools even work on Christmas.

But this week, our team is hosting Christmas presentations in a few schools. They’re not really big presentations but just a small program with songs, dances, magic tricks and sharing the about the true meaning of Christmas and that is God sending Jesus for the salvation of the human race.

It would have been nice if there would be a band complete with all the instruments and groove pak mic stand at Musicians friend to sing a lot of Christmas songs. But our team is quite small and not everyone can play an instrument. But I think our small activity will do and I hope it will also bring joy to the students who will witness the presentation.

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