Ipoh’s White Kacang

On our way to Kuala Lumpur, we made a quick trip to Ipoh to buy …. White Kacang! Ipoh is known for its White Kacang, kacang are actually tidbits like nuts, moorku and etc. Our friend asked us to drop buy and buy several kilos of white kacang for them. Their ‘kacang’ in Ipoh are not just delicious but cheap too!

Our friend from Ipoh took us to this shop called DNS White Kacang. It’s like the ‘Kacang Haven’ where there’s sacks and sacks of different kinds of kacang.

One thought on “Ipoh’s White Kacang

  1. Oh! I wish I had read this blog sooner. I went on a road trip just last week with my family – drove all the way from Kuala Lumpur to George Town but we made a quick stopover at Ipoh. We had chicken rice there. Had I known about this White Kacang, I would have tried it! Tsk. Oh well. Next time!

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