Penang Wall Art

There is just so many things to discover in Penang. Even if we’ve been here several times, but I have to admit, we really haven’t explored the island yet.

During our last trip there,  sis-in-law and her family took us around to see the Penang street Art. Oh, I was so amused by the 3D like paintings on the walls. We went there at night and it was drizzling, so we were not really able to see all the wall painting and art installations. But seeing a few of the paintings has made me so interested that I have vowed to go back there and go on the heritage walk and see every painting there is. The artist by the way is a Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic. Brilliant work of art, indeed!

There were some interesting wall sculptures too. These were installed by Sculpture at Work with cartoonists Tang Mun Kian and Baba Chuah.

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