Philippines is a Long Way

My kids have been waiting for months to go back to the Philippines and the time has come for us to go. But before we could reach the Philippines, we needed to travel from Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur since our flight is from there. We chose this flight because it was the cheapest deal we got.

Yesterday, our journey has started by driving from Hat Yai to Taiping, my Hubby’s hometown. Hubby was so exhausted that even getting a chair pad to relax him won’t suffice so,  we stayed overnight  there. Then this morning we drove to Klang and  wait for our flight tomorrow. Our kids have been so bored during the whole road trip already that my 5 year old son grumbled and said, “Why Philippines is a long way? “. Oh, he doesn’t know yet that after our afternoon flight to Manila tomorrow, we will have to stay overnight before our last flight to Cagayan de Oro City! Whew!

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