Remembering Hong Kong

Last night, my daughter remembered something about our trip to Hong Kong a few years back. She was only 5 years old at that time but it seems she has a lot of memories during our trip there. My son on the other hand was only 2 years plus at that time and he doesn’t recall anything at all! Pity him! So, I had to show him the photos that we took when we were there. He was wide eyed and so surprised to see how wonderful Disneyland and Ocean Park was. Then, he became sad and almost cried as he said, ‘ I want to go back there again!’. I think it was only then he realized that he missed a lot of things by not remembering the time when he went there.

Though I could vividly recall that he enjoyed himself in Hong Kong, but it’s too bad that he’s too young to remember everything. I think that’s the very reason why children below 3 years old get a free entrance. :)

I also wish we could go back there. Hong Kong is indeed a great place to visit since it has so many attractions that you’ll never ran out of places to visit. We went there during autumn and I just loved the weather. I hope.. I pray for another chance to visit.. This time my son will be able to remember a lot of things since he’s already 5 years of age.

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