ICT Malaysia

We’ve passed the ICT area a lot of times. I’ve seen the big ‘ferries wheel’ and the lights from afar but never thought of going there until last week. It was actually our family friends’ idea to visit that place. And at a spur of the moment decision, we immediately got ready and went straight to ICT.

It really looked like a fun place to be. It had a lot of lights, rides and attractions. They even had a waterpark but since we went there at night, we didn’t bother to see the place. We only let the kids have some rides and went inside the Dinosaur land or Prehistoric Adventure. The kids enjoyed their experience there. As for me, it was okay. There’s nothing much special about the place and maybe it’s a good place to go if you don’t have any other plans for the weekend and have a few ringgit to spend.It’s not  really a ‘must see’ place in Malaysia but just a place to let the kids have some fun.

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