The Almost Obsolete MP3 Player

Our daughter loves listening to music. Since, we can’t afford to give her an iPod, we thought of giving her an MP3 player instead for her birthday.

It was quite amusing when I shopped for her gift. I went around the shop several times looking for the MP3 player, but I couldn’t find any. Instead, I saw all the latest iPads and tablets. After searching in vain, I finally resorted to asking the salesperson. Fortunately, he brought be to the corner and there was the MP3 player places beside the USB broadband. Hmmm.. that’s why I didn’t notice that earlier. He then told me that this is the last MP3 player that they had. Yes, there were no other brands to choose from , not even a color to choose from. It was only then that I realized that MP3 players are definitely nearing its end! lol! It’s a good thing though that we got the last unit. I don’t know what I could have gotten for her instead. She won’t appreciate getting savarez guitar strings at Guitar Center ¬† yet since she’s not so much into playing the guitar for now.

But anyways, even if the MP3 gadget seemed almost obsolete, our li’l girl was ¬†still so happy with her gift.


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