Power Outage in the South

There weren’t any announcement made earlier during the day. As I was going to prepare for dinner after my class, the electricity went off. Power outages are not very common in Thailand, if they do have black outs, it usually just last up to 30 minutes to an hour. But tonight seemed to be different, our neighbor told us that the main power station has some major problems and it didn’t just affect our city but the whole southern provinces as well.

Kids were sweating and getting restless. What could we do without the fans to keep them cool, lights to make them read their books, tv on standandmounts tv stands to keep them entertained or computer to play their games. After playing with the candles for awhile they got bored and seemed to be clueless on what to do. So,  I just asked them to buy some snacks and we all gathered around the table, talking and eating. After awhile, we let them take a shower and all cuddled up in the bed telling stories, giggling and laughing. And time passed by ‘fast’ and the next thing we knew the power came back. Whew! And we thought that it was only 9PM but found out that it was already 11:20 PM!

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