6 o’clock Aerobics

Come 6 o’clock in the evening and you can see loud music blaring around the city and people dancing their hearts out following and aerobics instructors. Welcome to Thailand! The land where most of the women are slim and slender even with the hundreds of food vendors line on the streets. People here do eat a lot because how would these food vendors survive if no one buys food. But even if the Thais eat all the delicacies and the drink a lot of milk tea, they also eat a lot of raw vegetables and exercise. ┬áThat’s why a lot of people pay 10 Baht to do aerobics at the parks, parking lots and public areas. Some even come prepared with their yoga mats. Oh, maybe I should be like the Thais, eat a lot of veggies and do daily exercise… I don’t do these things and no wonder my Thai friends always tell me that I’m ‘uan khun’ (fatter) and gained a lot of weight. :)

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