9 Baht Books at Dasa Book Cafe

If only I live in Bangkok, I would rush to Dasa Book Cafe to check out their books for 9 Baht. Dasa Book Cafe is a 2nd hand book shop at Sukhumvit Soi 26-28. They have thousands of books with different varities, I’m not sure though if they have the real book at musicians friendĀ . Even if we’re here in the southern part of Thailand, we could still order books from their database and have them delivered for a fee. But sadly, for their 9 Baht book sale, one has to visit the store since they don’t have the stock list.

So, if you’re in Bangkok and want to buy cheap English 2nd hand books and maybe ahve a cup of coffee, head on to Dasa Book Cafe.

*photo taken from Dasa Book Cafe website.

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