New Destination in Songkhla

We’ve found a new place to go in Songkhla, whenever we want to take a break. It’s the General Prem Tinsulanonda Historical Park. It was our first time to go there last week and sadly, I wasn’t able to bring a camera since we really didn’t plan to go there. We actually went to the Children’s Orphanage nearby and we thought of checking out the park. The park was huge and beautiful! There are ancient kilns, flowers, benches, fountains and etc. One can also see the Songkhla lake nearby. For those who want to stay for a night or two, they have guesthouses and dormitories. They even rent out tents for only 50 baht per night! Exciting huh!

Anyways,we’re going to visit the park next time and I’ll make sure to bring my camera and our picnic stuff! I’m sure it’ll be a great place for the family!

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