Chili’s, Malaysia

10370830_10152384389037731_3837452557941016165_nWe’ve heard about Chili’s a long time ago. A friend of ours  talked about it and we thought of trying it out whenever we go to Malaysia. But somehow, we forgot about it. But then, another friend of ours brought us for dinner there last week! It was actually like a 2nd birthday treat for our li’l girl.

We had tortillas, nachos, pizza, steak and etc. And wow, their food is just amazing! Our family has even been talking about it on our drive back to Thailand. And that’s actually rare, Hubby seldom talks about liking ‘western food’. He is a full blooded Indian.. so, he ‘only’ loves Indian food! LOL! But I guess, now we all love Chili’s. We are really grateful for our friends who brought us there… and TGI Friday’s the night before. :)

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