Laid-back Langkawi

10359913_10152589797477731_4239179947851472962_n 10613133_10152589797757731_1858856819738482873_nAfter 12 years, we finally made it back to Langkawi! Hubby and I were still newly weds and our friends invited us to stay with them for 2 nights in the island. 12 years laters, same friends invited us over. Upon reaching the ferry terminal, I noticed that not a lot of things has really changed in the terminal building except for new shops here and there. The town still has that laid-back charm which only tourists crowding the place.

But to my surprise, the Cenang beach has changed quite a lot. There’s already the Cenang Mall and more restaurants and souvenir shops. In front of our hotel, they’re already building a bigger and more modernized mall.

oh, I hope this island won’t become too developed and too modernized. I like it the way it is.. a little more laid back with less noise and less bars.. except for a few places with pro dj .

I like the charm of Langkawi, I like it for the fact that it’s more family friendly compared to the beaches and islands in Thailand.

I hope to be back here soon and find it the way it is like now.

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