Aseania Resort, Langkawi

10440969_621008601329695_5719395177020431111_nAs mentioned in my previous post, we were able to have a short break courtesy of our friends. They actually have some kind of a membership where they can get several rooms and nights of free stay in Aseania Resort.

We stayed there before (about 12 years ago) and I think they’ve renovated the rooms,restaurants with burlap table runners¬†and even the swimming pools. The rooms are clean and the hotel is also only about 5 minutes from the beach.

Our family really enjoyed our stay there especially our children who had the most wonderful time at the children’s swimming pool. They swam everyday when we were there and I think if given the choice, they would rather get stuck in the hotel that go around the island.

Here are a few photos of the pools. It’s really a nice place to rest and relax.

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