Count on Movavi Screen Capture To Enjoy Online Travel Videos Anytime

1Are you looking forward to your upcoming vacation? If it’s a new destination where you haven’t been before, it would be smarter have an idea on the place and its popular attractions, before you reach there. There are online live travel videos on travel which can prepare you well for your trip. But then, your busy life might come in the way of catching the online live travel video while it is streamed. Now, don’t worry, as today you have the screen capture software that work to capture the streaming online videos on computer, enabling you to study them later.

If you are looking for expert suggestions on which one to choose, go for Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Movavi is an award winning globally recognized brand with a huge user base in around 150 nations. Thus, you can be quite assured about the high performance of the Movavi software.

Here are the steps on how to capture the streaming online travel video with Movavi program.

Download & install

In the first step, you would have to download the Movavi software & install it in your computer.

Set capture parameters

Then, you would have to set capture parameters before you start recording. The Movavi software allows you to customize the recording frame rate and recording area. Now, select the right audio device. The software is able to record sound from both output & input devices. In case, you do not want any one of these, click on the respective icon.

Record the streaming travel video

Click on REC to start off the recording procedure. In case, you are unable to sit through the recording, Movavi allows you to set capture timer on which the software would continue recording and stop recording at your fixed time-limit. Just click on timer symbol, check out “Stop capture after” & select your required duration.

Edit & convert the recording

After the recording gets over, click on Stop. A preview window would open up with the recorded travel video. You are allowed to edit the recording if you fancy. The Movavi allows the users to add on some artistic effect for a more personalized feel.  Click on Edit to start editing. After the editing is done, choose the preferred video format where you want the recording to be converted. The Movavi program is compatible with 180+ multimedia formats. Finally, Click on Save to save the video in your computer.

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