19 Coffee and Bakery House, Hat Yai

19 Coffee We have a new favorite place to hang out for coffee and have our meals. It’s called 19 Coffee and Bakery House. I got to know about this place through their FB page and the location is a bit in the interior part of Phetkasem Road. But to our surprise, it’s also near to our area. It’s a beautiful, quaint shop that makes you feel at home with their friendly staff and cozy interior. Night time is the best time to go their as it’s cooler and the warm lights add charm to the place.

Anyways, though the name of the shop is 19 Coffee and Bakery House, they actually don’t have a lot of choices for coffee ( they do have the basic cappucino, latte and stuff) and they also don’t serve baked goods BUT they serve meals from steak , pasta to rice dishes. They’re food is tasty and the most importantly, very affordable. So, that explains why this has been our new favorite place :)

19 coffee Hat Yai 19 coffee Hat Yai 19 coffee Hat Yai 19 coffee Hat Yai

*sorry for the bad quality photos, I just used my phone camera for this.. and I also forgot to take photo of the food that we ordered.

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