A New Bakery Shop in the City

I was so excited to see the new bakery shop newly opened near our house. Oh, why did this shop just opened this month when we’re almost leaving? I always wanted to start a small baking business but with the limited bakery shops in the city, it can be a bit challenging.

But for the past months, I’ve seen more and more bakery shops that are being opened with the latest one being the biggest. So,  when we went there last week, I was so overwhelmed with the wide array of bakery and packaging supplies  in the store. One could easily start a business. I could already imagine my cake business flourishing. If finance is a problem, there is always   1stCommercialCredit   that can take care of your financial needs. But wait, we’re already going to leave next week. There’s no chance for me to start my baking business here in Thailand anymore. Maybe, I have more chances to do that in Malaysia. But in Malaysia, it seems there’s so many people doing the same business. But anyways, let’s wait and see.

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