Malls, Malls and more Malls!

I’ve always been a ‘mall person’. I love going to the malls for the food and window shopping. So, when we arrive here in Manila, guess where we went first? and the next day? and the next day? Hahah! Oh, but we also had some errands to do at the mall ( like check our internet, scan some documents, go for medical check up and etc. – excuses.. ) So, it was Trinoma for our first few days of stay since we stayed nearby. And it was a big mall and it even got ‘bigger’ when we went to SM North Edsa. Oh, how our legs became painful from all the walking but it was also good as we got to see a lot of things from sports specialty shops to music shops selling   seatbelt guitar straps.

Oh, how I love to go to the malls!

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