Of Les Miserables and Concerts

Last May 1st was the final showing of the world’s longest running musical Les Miserables at The Theater at Solair Resort. I really wanted to watch it but I just didn’t have the extra budget for it. I’m not sure though if there’s a next time but it’s okay. I would just have to console myself.

Anyways, as we’re here in Manila, there’s a lot of concerts, musicals and plays that we can watch. We haven’t watched one yet, but we’re planning to watch a concert from the Citipointe Band this June. Oh, I’m sure it’ll be a fun concert to watch with all their contemporary Christian music complete with hi tech musical instruments and sound effects with hot tubes . My daughter is excited for this event. And this reminds me to check out other concerts and plays we might be able to watch while we’re here.

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