Visiting Brunei


We were in Brunei last month. It was a very short (overnight) trip so, I wasn’t really able to go around and take a lot of photos. Brunei is a very clean, quiet and beautiful place. I like being a ‘tourist’ there but I’m not so sure if I can live in such a quiet and lonely place. :) We were just in the town area and I even didn’t get a chance to go in their malls. That’s why I’m so sad and why it feels my trip was incomplete. :)


I also didn’t get  a chance to shop (except to buy some souvenirs at the airport) so, I wouldn’t now if they sell cajun accordions or not. Anyways, hopefully we can visit Brunei again and maybe stay longer there to truly experience the place and their culture. Until next time, Brunei! 20160902_160908 20160902_161038* Sorry for low quality photos.. these are the ones I took from my phone. I got better ones in my other camera but the files are too big, I can’t upload them here. Sorry.

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