Bank Negara Museum

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Bank Negara Museum is a great place for learning and appreciating money and art for the Children. I’ve learned about this place through some articles and posts. At first, I was wondering whether going to a money museum is going to be worth the trip. I mean, it’s just ‘money’ and there’s nothing much interesting about it.

But I was proven wrong because my family really enjoyed out time at the money museum. It was really a very interesting trip as kids were taught how money is made, its history, introduction to finance, economy and world currencies. It may sound boring to some, but the way they presented all these was very interesting. A bonus for our trip was the art exhibit on the top floor and not to mention the beautiful architecture of Bank Negara Muzium. Plus, you don’t have to pay for any entrance fee. Ok, so where should our next field trip be? But first let me take a lot and check musiciansfriend ¬†for musical instruments.

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