Mesmerizing Maldives


I’ve been mesmirized by Maldives. It’s such a beautiful country with beautiful people!. Though I haven’t really been to all the resort islands as we were there on a low budget trip, but nevertheless, what I saw was stunning!

I’m not really a beach person but I’m always captivated by nature. Being in Maldives actually reminded me of my ‘Mommy Holiday’ with my friends since the sand and sea were almost the same. I mean, that’s how I saw it. Hahah! But being in an unfamiliar place like Maldives with a language that I can’t understand and with a culture that’s so different from their guests was an exhilarating experience for me.



If given a chance ( a higer budget) I would love to go back there and this time go to the famous island resorts and really soak in the sun and sea. :)


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