Bank Negara Museum

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Bank Negara Museum is a great place for learning and appreciating money and art for the Children. I’ve learned about this place through some articles and posts. At first, I was wondering whether going to a money museum is going to be worth the trip. I mean, it’s just ‘money’ and there’s nothing much interesting about it.

But I was proven wrong because my family really enjoyed out time at the money museum. It was really a very interesting trip as kids were taught how money is made, its history, introduction to finance, economy and world currencies. It may sound boring to some, but the way they presented all these was very interesting. A bonus for our trip was the art exhibit on the top floor and not to mention the beautiful architecture of Bank Negara Muzium. Plus, you don’t have to pay for any entrance fee. Ok, so where should our next field trip be? But first let me take a lot and check musiciansfriend  for musical instruments.

Vlogs and Travel Vlogs

Our family has subscribed to one vlogger who makes amazing  videos in his travels and even his daily activities. He is a very creative young man who can easily capture his subscribers with his storytelling and effects no matter what video equipment he uses. Anyways, after watching his videos daily, my kids also get interested to learn video editing, but they’re just doing all the cartoon editing. I’m also interested to learn how to edit videos creatively, and I tried after downloading Final Cut Pro in our computer, but it just takes so much of time. So, I gave up. Haha! I would rather spend my time either sleeping or going out during the weekends rather than learn so much techy stuff. :)

Growing Medical Tourism In Malaysia

20160814_202535Malaysia is a beautiful country. Malaysia is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. The population is made up of the large majority Malay, and the minorities Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians and indigenous peoples. Due to the nation’s multiculturalism, Malaysia is a gastronomical paradise and celebrates diverse colourful festivals. Malaysia is a perfect holiday destination with its evergreen rainforests, mountains, sandy beaches and most of the months with sunny weather.

Malaysia is enjoying an increasing growth in the area of medical tourism. Many private hospitals have enhanced their services to accommodate to the needs of foreign patients from all over the world. The hospitals are equipped with modern facilities and the internationally trained surgeons or doctors in Malaysia can speak and communicate in fluent English. They can deliver first class treatments with the same quality of care for a fraction of the prices one has to pay back home.

Plastic surgery is becoming more popular in Malaysia. Due to the current conversion rates, there is an increase in medical tourism in Malaysia. Patients seeking surgical procedures in Malaysia sometimes get to save up to 70% of what they have to pay for the same treatment back home. Some of the affordable surgical procedures include face lift, nose job and breast augmentation.

If you are thinking of going through any of the above procedures in Malaysia. consider planning your surgical date to fit into your holiday plans in order to get the best out of your stay in Malaysia. Schedule your active outdoor tours before the surgical date and after that to enjoy the less strenuous activities like lazing besides the swimming pool or enjoying the beautiful sunrise and sunsets from the hotel or even the beach.

Visiting Brunei


We were in Brunei last month. It was a very short (overnight) trip so, I wasn’t really able to go around and take a lot of photos. Brunei is a very clean, quiet and beautiful place. I like being a ‘tourist’ there but I’m not so sure if I can live in such a quiet and lonely place. :) We were just in the town area and I even didn’t get a chance to go in their malls. That’s why I’m so sad and why it feels my trip was incomplete. :)


I also didn’t get  a chance to shop (except to buy some souvenirs at the airport) so, I wouldn’t now if they sell cajun accordions or not. Anyways, hopefully we can visit Brunei again and maybe stay longer there to truly experience the place and their culture. Until next time, Brunei! 20160902_160908 20160902_161038* Sorry for low quality photos.. these are the ones I took from my phone. I got better ones in my other camera but the files are too big, I can’t upload them here. Sorry.

Future Park at Century City Mall

20160508_152427I’ve been planning for months to post about all the fun places we’ve been here in Manila, but at the end of the day, I forget about it and then I get too lazy to write about it.

Anyways, since we’ve just been to the Future Park last Sunday and everything’s so fresh on my mind, I’ll write a short post about our experience there. It was my daughter’s birthday and so I thought we could celebrate her birthday there. Thank God for Metrodeal vouchers, we got 50% off the original price. Future Park is an interactive digital playground. It has six experiences, namely the Gravity Balls, Sketch City, Head Rush, Social Floor, Body Paint and Room Racers.

When we registered and entered the play area, my kids were immediately impressed with the ‘invisible’ tag on their wrist. They  played the Head Rush first and my son got stuck playing Room Racers for a long time while my daughter enjoyed the Sketch City. The thing that I love about Future Park is that everything is hi tech but without the wires and  rca cords dangling around. It’s so neat and well organized. Their staff were also so friendly and helpful. The kids loved their time there because everything was new to them. All in all, it was a good play experience for us ( especially for the kids), but I honestly expected the place to be a bit bigger and with more stuff to play and tinker with. With the 50% Metrodeal voucher that we got, I feel it was still worth it. But, if I had to pay a full price of 550 pesos/person, then I think it’s a bit expensive for a small space like that. Even if we were not in a hurry and tried to spend more time there, we only spent a total of 2 hours and then the kids already want to go home as they already tried everything. But it was still a fun experience for us and as we went home my daughter thanked me many times for such a fun birthday she had at Future Park.

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