Another Flood in Hat Yai

It has been raining very hard the whole afternoon, but it really didn’t seem like the kind of heavy rain that could fill up the city drains. But unfortunately, some drains got filled up and overflowed which caused some parts of the city to flood.

Some of our friends’ houses got affected and some were even stuck  at some places. But  it’s good that the flood was not as high ( only knee deep in some places) then it immediately subsided plus it really didn’t affect the whole city. As for our house, some water got inside our kitchen since it’s the lower part of our house. And thank God, it wasn’t as big as the flood we experienced last 2010.

I just hope that the rainy season would soon be over, so we won’t have to be so stressed out whenever it rains heavily.

Aseania Resort, Langkawi

10440969_621008601329695_5719395177020431111_nAs mentioned in my previous post, we were able to have a short break courtesy of our friends. They actually have some kind of a membership where they can get several rooms and nights of free stay in Aseania Resort.

We stayed there before (about 12 years ago) and I think they’ve renovated the rooms,restaurants with burlap table runners and even the swimming pools. The rooms are clean and the hotel is also only about 5 minutes from the beach.

Our family really enjoyed our stay there especially our children who had the most wonderful time at the children’s swimming pool. They swam everyday when we were there and I think if given the choice, they would rather get stuck in the hotel that go around the island.

Here are a few photos of the pools. It’s really a nice place to rest and relax.

1621912_621008664663022_6614224704006620292_n 10615575_621008697996352_1562140898886537352_n 10609716_621008757996346_3287402418877789686_n 10580235_621008827996339_2731465607718319859_n 10401959_621008877996334_5549380589488002660_n

Buy 1 Take 1 Cadbury Chocolates

cadburyI love Cadbury chocolates! And I was so happy to see the “Merdeka Sale” at Econmart where they were you can buy 2 big bars for only 7.99 Malaysian Ringgit. That’s like 4 RM a piece! I bought several bars to bring back home as a ‘pasalubong’ for my family in the Philippines. But now, I’m thinking I should really have bought more since it was so cheap!

Hmmm…. but we’re already back here in Thailand so there’s no way for me to buy more and since the sale is only until the 16th of this month. :(

Laid-back Langkawi

10359913_10152589797477731_4239179947851472962_n 10613133_10152589797757731_1858856819738482873_nAfter 12 years, we finally made it back to Langkawi! Hubby and I were still newly weds and our friends invited us to stay with them for 2 nights in the island. 12 years laters, same friends invited us over. Upon reaching the ferry terminal, I noticed that not a lot of things has really changed in the terminal building except for new shops here and there. The town still has that laid-back charm which only tourists crowding the place.

But to my surprise, the Cenang beach has changed quite a lot. There’s already the Cenang Mall and more restaurants and souvenir shops. In front of our hotel, they’re already building a bigger and more modernized mall.

oh, I hope this island won’t become too developed and too modernized. I like it the way it is.. a little more laid back with less noise and less bars.. except for a few places with pro dj .

I like the charm of Langkawi, I like it for the fact that it’s more family friendly compared to the beaches and islands in Thailand.

I hope to be back here soon and find it the way it is like now.

Shopping at Lazada

I’ve heard about Lazada’s online shopping and have been checking their site for good deals and promotions. At one point, I wanted to buy an SD card and a USB flash drive, but then I found a cheaper deal at the mall.

Online shopping has been a great experience for me. It’s very convenient and not to mention the  excitement to receive the packages right at our doorstep. But I’m a bit stingy, and I only get to shop online when there are really great promotions. So, I’m always on the look out for great online deals. Who knows there will be good deals for famous brands like G-shock or other good brands .