Effective Ways To Measure Your Company’s KPI’s

smallKey Performance Indicators (KPI’s) form the scorecard by which to measure your company’s progress, efficiency, and direction.Whether you track them in reports, spreadsheets, charts, or a combination of methods, tracking and measuring KPIs well is an important part of any successful business. Here are a few ways you can employ to measure KPI’s effectively in your own company.

Start on the Right Foot

Useful Key Performance Indicators must be specific, measurable and actionable to be of value to a company.A good way to determine useful KPIS is to consider your business strategy and goals, then align these ideas and values to more specific actions, of which performance can be evaluated on a high-level basis. Involve your department heads to gain wider perspective and input on company KPIs.

Only Measure What You Need

A common trap for KPI measurement is to record too many, or irrelevant KPIs. Remember that just because you are able to measure something, does not mean that monitoring it will benefit your business. Go back to basics and consider what is most important to your business – visitors, profit increase, units sold, return on investment – and create and measure your KPIs from that perspective.

Know Your Current and Future Needs

While you may be a modest-sized company now, it’s likely that your business will grow, and HR and training needs will grow with it. This is an area that can be managed from a more solid basis, through a reputable Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or relevant software. Axcelerate (axcelerate.com.au) is a good example of this.

Review Regularly

Measuring and recording KPIs is important, but if you are not reviewing and updating (where necessary) on a regular basis, all the work you put in to create them is worthless. KPI’s need to act as a snapshot of your business. If you never develop the film, how do you know what it the photos look like? Many small businesses get caught up in working inside their business and forget to work on their business. If you keep your eyes on the KPI’s, you will have a much stronger business strategy in the long term.

The condensed version is: create and measure your KPI’s with the end in mind – stay focused on the result and keep it relevant.

How do you measure KPI’s in your small business? Is KPI measurement/review on your agenda?

Music Lessons at Yamaha

For those interested to take music lessons here in Hat Yai, the Yamaha center in Central Festival Hat Yai are offering lessons for musical instruments and dance. Our kids has always been interested to take music lessons and up until now we haven’t enrolled them yet. We will have to check out the center and see what lessons they can avail whether they have guitar (using sr300 , maybe?:) or drums lessons for the younger ones. I would like my daughter to take dancing lessons but it seems I’m more interested than her. ;)

Concert at the Neighborhood

For several nights now we could overhear some sort of a concert in our neighborhood. I don’t exactly know where this is but I have a hunch it might be near the place where they have mini-night markets during the weekdays. The concert lasts until about 9pm at night so, I think it doesn’t really disturb the public that much. I’m actually quite amused at times as I hear a few familiar english pop songs being sung. They’re quite good with the live band and maybe with their dunlop univibe control pedal  . Maybe next time we could try to drop by and see the concert ‘live’ instead of just hearing them from our house.

B’s Sweet in Central Festival Hat Yai

Whenever my daughter and I go for our girl’s day out, we usually go to B’s Sweet Cafe’ near the Lee Gardens. We just love to hang out there as they have good coffee and delicious cakes. So, I was happy to see that they also have a small branch at Central Festival Hat Yai. Of course we went there for dessert and menu’s all the same except for a maybe a 10-20 Baht price difference in some of the items. I kinda understand that as I’m sure the monthly rental at the mall would be more expensive than that of the older branch. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the chocolate lava and I’m actually craving for one right now.

1922041_10152257949822731_1793437084_n 1947331_10152257949797731_1516026892_n

B’s Sweet Cafe

5th Floor Central Festival

Taylor Swift in Malaysia

I just found out from my friend that Taylor Swift is having a concert in Malaysia. They wanted to buy some tickets and hear her perform live with cool godin bass  and the full band  but sadly for them, the tickets are sold out! And the concert is only going to be on the 11th of June.

I’ve heard about Taylor Swift but I’m not so familiar with her songs. Oh, you might be asking from which planet I come from..hehe! But just now, I searched her songs from Youtube and found out that she was the singer of the theme song from Letters to Juliet. I liked that song and found it sweet and cute ..and it’s just now that I found out that she’s the singer of that song.

Anyways, I think I will have to get more acquanted with Taylor Swift maybe I’ll find more cute love songs.