Hello, Philippines!

Yes, we’re in the Phiippines and been here for almost 2 months now. We haven’t really been to so many places but I think I’ve gone to a few worth blogging about. Admittedly, I have neglected this blog but we’ve just been so busy with our shift and adjustment with our new ‘life’ here in Manila. But most assuredly, I will blog more about our experiences and the places we’ve been. So, I hope to be see more in the blogosphere!

Taiping Lake Gardens

Mornings are beautiful at the Taiping Lake Gardens. Imagine this sight to greet you every morning.

If we were to live here, I will make sure that we get to get up early in the morning for a morning walk and some quiet time. That’s why, Hubby and I are taking time to come here and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Night times are not as beautiful here because it lacks proper lighting and activities. Maybe, it will be a great idea to put bright lights around the area and maybe some weekend concerts and events with full acoustic bands with their 120s  .

A New Bakery Shop in the City

I was so excited to see the new bakery shop newly opened near our house. Oh, why did this shop just opened this month when we’re almost leaving? I always wanted to start a small baking business but with the limited bakery shops in the city, it can be a bit challenging.

But for the past months, I’ve seen more and more bakery shops that are being opened with the latest one being the biggest. So,  when we went there last week, I was so overwhelmed with the wide array of bakery and packaging supplies  in the store. One could easily start a business. I could already imagine my cake business flourishing. If finance is a problem, there is always   1stCommercialCredit   that can take care of your financial needs. But wait, we’re already going to leave next week. There’s no chance for me to start my baking business here in Thailand anymore. Maybe, I have more chances to do that in Malaysia. But in Malaysia, it seems there’s so many people doing the same business. But anyways, let’s wait and see.

19 Days Left

We have exactly 19 days left before we leave the city. After living here for 13 years, it’s really so sad to leave.. This city has been a home for us especially for our kids who have lived here all our lives.

Aside from putting in our schedule, meeting the people who we have to meet before we leave, our kids also have a list of places to go before we leave. In the list, they included our newly discovered resto called Homeless .. It’s a bar and restaurant that serves burgers, pasta , steaks and fries. At night they also have a band or acoustic music. Not sure tough if they use Dobro  for their guitars.

Anyways, I will be uploading photos next time as the photos are in my phone. Or better yet, we’ll take better pictures the next time we go. :)

19 Coffee and Bakery House, Hat Yai

19 Coffee We have a new favorite place to hang out for coffee and have our meals. It’s called 19 Coffee and Bakery House. I got to know about this place through their FB page and the location is a bit in the interior part of Phetkasem Road. But to our surprise, it’s also near to our area. It’s a beautiful, quaint shop that makes you feel at home with their friendly staff and cozy interior. Night time is the best time to go their as it’s cooler and the warm lights add charm to the place.

Anyways, though the name of the shop is 19 Coffee and Bakery House, they actually don’t have a lot of choices for coffee ( they do have the basic cappucino, latte and stuff) and they also don’t serve baked goods BUT they serve meals from steak , pasta to rice dishes. They’re food is tasty and the most importantly, very affordable. So, that explains why this has been our new favorite place :)

19 coffee Hat Yai 19 coffee Hat Yai 19 coffee Hat Yai 19 coffee Hat Yai

*sorry for the bad quality photos, I just used my phone camera for this.. and I also forgot to take photo of the food that we ordered.