SM CDO Midnight Sale

SM Cagayan de Oro will be open today until 12 midnight  for their midnight sale! We were just there today to do some groceries and found out about the sale. I’m not so crazy about sale these days as we’re almost complete with our Christmas gift shopping. Budget is a bit tight this year so, we stick to simple gifts and even made our ‘pasalubongs’ as gifts. heheh!

Anyways, if you’re on a shopping mode, don’t miss SM sale today as a lot of things are On Sale and they’re also opened until midnight on the 19th and 20th this month!

One Sip at a Time

We discovered a new coffee shop here in Hat Yai…err.. a tea shop actually. It’s called One Sip at a Time along Phetkasem Road near Siam Nakarin.

I immediately got attracted to the shop because of it’s interior design. It’s actually a portion of an antique and furniture shop so that explains the exquisite interior. ( I will share photos later).

I’m a coffee person, so when we went there I looked for coffee but found out they only had tea. So, I tried their iced tea and it was delicious! Their cakes and pastries were also superb. My friends and I felt we were in an English tea house and regretted why we didn’t dress up more properly. It was an imprumpto decision to visit the shop since we just passed by and saw how cute it was from the outside and decided to have ‘tea’ there.

It was a beautiful experience and will surely go back there and I’ll make sure I’ll bring my slr so I can also take proper photos.

Online Shopping

I was wary of online shopping before. But after trying it out and having successful transactions, I find it fun and convenient. I’ve never had a bad online shopping experience so far, so I can only say positive things about it. My friend even ordered something before that wasn’t into his standards and after complaining to the company, he was able to return the item and he got his money back and he also got refunded for the shipping costs.

I think it’s really important that these online shops has  Money Back Guarantees. It builds trust and integrity with their customers.

Trip to Plaza

Our brother-in-law is here for a visit. When he came we thought we will have  a lot of time to go around, eat and shop. Then, we realized he’s already going back tomorrow and we haven’t even gone to Plaza yet. The Plaza here in Hat Yai is where you can buy items decent price  . There’s several shops inside the plaza itself, but we usually buy stuff at the shops outside and around the plaza. Those shops are actually wholesalers and there’s a big price difference between those shops outside and inside. The only catch is that you cannot buy single items. You must buy 3 or 6 items at a time. That’s not so bad either as the savings are really great and we usually buy a lot for friends and family.

Buy and Sell

Thailand is a good place to buy some goods and sell in Malaysia. A few people we know have already thought of starting a business and buy their goods from here.

A relative of ours are thinking to buy those wedding favours and sell them in Malaysia. Wedding favors or wedding giveaway shops are not so common in some places in Malaysia. So right now, we are just looking around to see where we can buy them at a wholesale price. I know it’ll be a lot cheaper in Bangkok  but for a start and one can also find masonic rings at there. But anyways, maybe we can search wholesale shops here first to recommend to our relative.