Of Les Miserables and Concerts

Last May 1st was the final showing of the world’s longest running musical Les Miserables at The Theater at Solair Resort. I really wanted to watch it but I just didn’t have the extra budget for it. I’m not sure though if there’s a next time but it’s okay. I would just have to console myself.

Anyways, as we’re here in Manila, there’s a lot of concerts, musicals and plays that we can watch. We haven’t watched one yet, but we’re planning to watch a concert from the Citipointe Band this June. Oh, I’m sure it’ll be a fun concert to watch with all their contemporary Christian music complete with hi tech musical instruments and sound effects with hot tubes . My daughter is excited for this event. And this reminds me to check out other concerts and plays we might be able to watch while we’re here.

National Museum of the Philippines

 photo _DSC0147.jpg

 photo _DSC0006.jpg

 photo _DSC0019.jpg

There’s no better way to learn about a country’s history and art than to go to the National Museum, and that’s what we did for our homeschool field trip with my kids. The Philippine National Museum is located at the heart of Manila and it’s very easy to go there.

I always love to go to Museums, there’s something about looking at art, painting and artifacts that makes me relax and inspired. I think it has something to do with the fact that I’m an ‘artist wannabe’. :)

Anyways, an entrance fee of 50 Pesos for Students ( must present IDs) and 150 Pesos for Adults entitles you to visit the National Art Gallery ( the main museum), Museum of the Filipino People ( walking distance from the main museum) and the Planetarium. Since we arrived there after lunch and spent more than 3 hours in the main gallery, we didn’t have time to go to the other buildings. So, if you plan to go there, be there early so you can visit the 3 museums.

Here are some of the photos that I took inside the main museum. And I highly recommend you  to visit them museum and see for yourself the magnificent works of our national artists. :)

 photo _DSC0141.jpg

 photo _DSC0140.jpg

 photo _DSC0130.jpg


 photo _DSC0117.jpg

 photo _DSC0116.jpg

 photo _DSC0038.jpg

NATIONAL MUSEUM of the Philippines Admission Fees ( taken from their website)

Individual Fee (PHP)
Student 50.00
Senior Citizen 120.00
Adult 150.00
Groups of 51 or more
Students 40.00
Adult/Senior Citizen 120.00

5 More Months

We’ve been here in Manila for 6 months now, we have another 5 months before we move again.  This actually reminds me check out  our  to-go- to  the places in our ‘homeschool field trips’ list. I haven’t listed a lot of places, but maybe as time goes on, I will add on a few more places to the list.

Oh, 5 more months…. means we have to pack our things once a again from clothes  to pl200 and move to a different place.

Malls, Malls and more Malls!

I’ve always been a ‘mall person’. I love going to the malls for the food and window shopping. So, when we arrive here in Manila, guess where we went first? and the next day? and the next day? Hahah! Oh, but we also had some errands to do at the mall ( like check our internet, scan some documents, go for medical check up and etc. – excuses.. ) So, it was Trinoma for our first few days of stay since we stayed nearby. And it was a big mall and it even got ‘bigger’ when we went to SM North Edsa. Oh, how our legs became painful from all the walking but it was also good as we got to see a lot of things from sports specialty shops to music shops selling   seatbelt guitar straps.

Oh, how I love to go to the malls!

Hello, Philippines!

Yes, we’re in the Phiippines and been here for almost 2 months now. We haven’t really been to so many places but I think I’ve gone to a few worth blogging about. Admittedly, I have neglected this blog but we’ve just been so busy with our shift and adjustment with our new ‘life’ here in Manila. But most assuredly, I will blog more about our experiences and the places we’ve been. So, I hope to be see more in the blogosphere!